9/24/2021 We have been awarded seed funding through the Princeton Center for Complex Materials! This funding will support a new project considering strong light-mattering coupling in molecular monolayers and 2D materials, for applications in surface chemistry and exciton-polariton photophysics. More to come!

8/8/2021 The Weichman Lab goes to the New Jersey State Fair! See more on our new Lab Fun page.

7/19/2021 The Weichman Lab is thrilled to have been awarded our first external funding through the ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator program! This grant will support a new project to probe how the formation of hybrid light-matter states can let us rationally steer the chemistry of cold gas-phase molecules. Check out the department news story here to learn more.

7/1/2021 – Marissa presents on frequency comb spectroscopy of cold molecules as well as some of our upcoming ideas at the 2021 International Symposium on Molecular Beams!

7/1/2021 The Weichman Lab welcomes Dr. Adam Wright as a postdoctoral research associate. Adam is joining us from the University of Oxford, where he completed his DPhil and postdoctoral work in condensed matter physics, advised by Prof. Laura Herz and Prof. Michael Johnson.

6/14/2021 Huge congratulations to Dr. Ashley Fidler for winning a Princeton Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes with this support. Check out the department news story on Ashley and the work she’ll be spearheading in the Weichman Lab.

6/1/2021 Princeton undergraduate Cameron Khan will be joining the Weichman Lab as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow through the Leach Summer Scholars Program this summer. Welcome, Cameron!

4/22/2021 This was a big week for the Weichman Lab! Our laser lab renovations are complete, and we are nearly open for business. With the help of an amazing rigging team, we installed our Coherent Astrella ultrafast system. Happy inaugural Laser Day!


3/1/2021 The Weichman Lab is excited to welcome Dr. Ashley Fidler as a postdoctoral research associate. Ashley joins us from the University of California, Berkeley, where she completed her Ph.D. in chemistry advised by Prof. Steve Leone and Prof. Dan Neumark.

7/1/2020 – Marissa has officially joined the faculty at the Princeton University Department of Chemistry and is launching the Weichman Lab!