The Weichman Lab is always looking for creative, motivated, and curiosity-driven group members!

Prospective postdoctoral researchers with expertise in experimental physical chemistry, spectroscopy, AMO physics, and related fields are encouraged to get in touch via email to discuss research interests and openings within the group. Please submit a CV and statement of research interests to Prof. Weichman for consideration, along with the names of two references.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Princeton graduate program in Chemistry, and can contact Prof. Weichman about opportunities to join the Weichman Lab.

Current Princeton undergraduates can contact Prof. Weichman about opportunities for summer research or junior/senior thesis work in our lab. It is strongly recommended that undergraduates completeat least one year of college-level physics (e.g. PHY 103-104) and linear algebra (e.g. MAT 202) before joining the group. Prior exposure to coursework in quantum mechanics (e.g. CHM 305 or PHY 208) is strongly recommended as well.